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Sun-Kissed Splendor: Kingman Turquoise Ring


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Indulge in the sun-kissed splendor of our Kingman Turquoise Ring. This captivating ring showcases a generously sized oval Kingman turquoise stone with pale turquoise tones adorned by mesmerizing golden veining, reminiscent of nature’s artistic brushstrokes. The traditional Navajo-inspired setting adds an authentic touch, highlighting the craftsmanship and cultural significance of this handcrafted piece. The silver split band features a delicate chain-like border, exuding an intricate and refined allure. A final flat plate surrounds the base, boasting occasional notches that add a touch of character. Embrace the spirit of the Southwest with this remarkable ring, meticulously crafted to celebrate the natural allure of Kingman turquoise.

Jewelry Size:10

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